Why Choose a Kärcher Premier Dealer?

Choosing the right scrubber dryer for your property can be a tricky task, especially with the wealth of options available to consumers. As well as the model of dryer, you also need to know where to rent or buy your scrubber dryer from, and this can present problems in itself. In this article, Alpha Power…

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Getting The Best Results From Your Scrubber Dryer

Cleaning floors can be tiresome work, but makes it all the more rewarding when you manage to get those floors looking brand new. Scrubber dryers are a widely used piece of machinery in the cleaning industry, as they can clean large floors with minimal effort from the user in no time. As the name suggests,…

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[Ended] Summer Promotion – Discounts, Free Snow Foam Lance & Detergent! [May-June]

This promotion has now ended. Keep an eye out for further promotions by following us on Facebook! Further discounts applied to all models included in our promotion. Up to £200 already discounted! Our Hot Pressure Washer and Snowfoamer promotion continues! Now extended to all Karcher HDS Machines 6/12 and above. Our commercial Karcher Snowfoamer &…

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What can I use a Pressure Washer for?

Pressure washers can be used for a variety of purposes, making it the ultimate appliance for many people. Pressure washers are diverse machines which have a lot to offer, so we’ve compiled a list of uses, so you can see how beneficial owning a pressure washer can be! Driveways and patios A clean driveway or…

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Benefits of Buying Pre-used Cleaning Equipment

Thorough and efficient cleaning equipment is vital to organisations for keeping their premises safe, clean and attractive. From ride on scrubber dryers to pressure washers, the cost of brand new cleaning machines can be quite a large upfront cost for a business though. If this is a concern to you and your company, buying pre-used…

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What kind of floor cleaning equipment do I need for my premises?

Floor cleaning is a fundamental part of keeping any business premises tidy and safe. However, with many options for floor cleaning equipment available, it can be hard to decide on which type of machinery to invest in. To help you select which equipment will be best suited to your needs and business, read on. What…

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Winter Promotions Have Landed!!

As Winter closes in, promotions are being ran on a number of Karcher products. Some of our most popular machines are included on our promotional flyer. Please follow the link below. Alpha Winter Promotions Nov 2018 For further information, or for details on any other machines, please do not hesitate to contact us via email…

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Which Scrubber Dryer Should I Hire?

Scrubber dryers are vital to countless commercial and industrial businesses for keeping their premises clean and fresh. Vastly superior to old-fashioned cleaning methods, a scrubber dryer can save cleaning time and give much better finished results. To help you select the best equipment for your needs, we’ve put together some key features for consideration before…

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Floor Scrubber Drier Demonstrations

Getting the correct scrubber drier for your floor is important. Alpha Power Cleaners offer on site demonstrations on all equipment to ensure that each machine provided suits both the environment and application.   On-site Demonstrations Whether you are looking to purchase a Karcher Floor Scrubber Drier, or long term hire a floor cleaning machine from…

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How to Clean Different Types of Flooring

When it comes to cleaning, no two types of flooring are the same. The different properties and finishes of different kinds of floor covering means that they have distinct needs when it comes to keeping them looking their best. Whether it’s sleek marble or fluffy carpets, knowing how to treat your floors will ensure that…

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