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Tennant T7+ (Battery) Ride-on Floor Scrubber Dryer

Tennant T7+ (Battery) Ride-on Floor Scrubber Dryer

cleaning applications: Indoor
area sizes: Small Areas Medium Areas
power supply: Battery Powered
Suitable for:
Warehouses Commercial Retail Show more…
Area Types:
Concrete Hard Floors

The Tennant T7+ scrubber cleans large and small environments safely and productively.

Keeping operators focused on their cleaning environments with clear sight lines and simple controls, and the convenient size can fit in tight spaces like elevators and doorways.

As Tennant Authorised Partners across the East Midlands, we have access to the latest Tennant machines, and we are experts in repairs and maintenance.

If you want to hire the Tennant T7+, give our team a call on 0808 169 8529 today for a quote.

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  • Set up and training provided
  • Excellence in customer service
  • Machine repairs, servicing, maintenance & breakdowns available

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  • Brush Working Width
  • 650 - 800 mm
  • Squeegee Width
  • 950 / 1065 mm
  • Clean Water Tank Capacity
  • 110 L
  • Recovery Water Tank Capacity
  • 110 L
  • Brush Speed
  • 225 - 1500 RPM
  • Battery Run Time
  • up to 3.8 h
  • Battery Voltage
  • 24 V
  • Sound Level
  • 67 dB(A)
  • Weight
  • 471
  • Length
  • 1520 mm
  • Width
  • 1000 mm
  • Height
  • 1270 mm
  • Easy-to-understand Controls
  • Automatic Braking
  • Parking Brake
  • Exclusive QA Controls™
  • Set Preferred Settings
  • Highly Manoeuvrable
  • Simple to Use
  • Energy-saving Daytime Cleaning
  • Reduce Risk of Accidents
  • Consistent, Repeatable Results
  • Clean Tight Spaces

Tennant T7+ (Battery) Ride-on Floor Scrubber Dryer

Maximise scrubber-dryer uses with convenient size that can fit in tight spaces like elevators and doorways. Improve solution recovery with parabolic, no-hassle squeegee system with an optimum blade angle for drier floors to help reduce the risk of slips and falls.

Easy to identify yellow maintenance touch points help to save time and money by ensuring maintenance items get checked and the machine is properly maintained and protected.

Key features of the T7+

  • Hygenic® 29 gallon / 110 litre tank is easy to clean, helping to reduce on-board mould, bacteria, and odours
  • 26 in / 65 cm or 32 in / 80 cm cleaning path options to fit your cleaning needs
  • Quiet 67 dBA sound level for scrubbing in noise-sensitive environments

Maintain Health & Safety

Improve floor traction and reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents with optional ec-H2O NanoClean™ technology.

  • Automatic braking and parking brake actuation reduce the chance of accidents
  • Optimal water recovery – even in 180 degree turns – minimizes the risk of slip and fall injuries
  • Ergonomic design makes cleaning with the T7 more comfortable for your staff
  • Easy-to-clean Hygenic® solution and recovery tanks reduce mold and bacteria that can grow in enclosed tanks

Enhance Facility Image

Ensure clean, streak-free floors with optimal water recovery that maximizes soil removal.

  • Innovative squeegee design provides outstanding solution recovery for streak-free floors
  • Self-adjusting splash skirt reduces scrub deck overspray on fixtures, walls and baseboards
  • Exclusive QA Controls™ system lets you lock-in consistent, repeatable cleaning results to keep facilities looking great
  • Clear sight lines enable operators to focus solely on their cleaning and improve scrubbing effectiveness

Easy Operation & Maintenance

Deliver consistent scrubbing results with this easy-to-operate and maintain scrubber-dryer that provides peak performance year after year due to quality engineering.

  • Hassle-free squeegee system simplifies maintenance with a squeegee that never needs adjustment
  • Easy-to-clean Hygenic® solution and recovery tanks save time and simplify maintenance
  • Intuitive, easy-to-understand controls simplify training and reduce re-work
  • Convenient size allows the T7+ to fit into elevators, doorways and other tight spaces, maximizing uses
  • Increase ease of use with the new Insta-Fit™ Brush Adapter, which reduces the time and effort required to replace or change disk brushes
  • Maintain sparkling floors and remove the guess work from brush maintenance with a built in brush wear indicator

To get a quote for hiring the T7+, give us call on 0808 169 8529 or use our quote form below.

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