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Tennant T17 (Battery) Ride on Floor Scrubber Dryer

Tennant T17 (Battery) Ride on Floor Scrubber Dryer

Cleaning Applications: Indoor & Outdoor
area sizes: Large Areas
power supply: Battery Powered
Suitable for:
Warehouses Construction Commercial Show more…
Area Types:
Concrete Hard Floors Tiles

The Tennant T17 delivers maximised floor cleaning capacity in the harshest industrial environments.

This large, robust ride on floor scrubber dryer, cleans effectively in one pass, making it quick and easy to keep surfaces clean and safe. Ideal for a range of floor surfaces and environments, including; supermarkets, warehouses, distribution centres, logistics centres, factory floors, and shopping centres.

As Tennant Authorised Partners across the East Midlands, we have access to the latest Tennant machines, and we are experts in repairs and maintenance.

If you want to hire the Tennant T17, give our team a call on 0808 169 8529 for a quote.

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  • Brush Working Width
  • 1015 mm
  • Working Width + Side Brush
  • 1320 mm
  • Clean Water Tank Capacity
  • 285 L
  • Recovery Water Tank Capacity
  • 346 L
  • Cylindrical Brush Speed
  • 500 RMP
  • Disk Brush Speed
  • 315 RPM
  • Battery Voltage
  • 36 V
  • Adjustable Cleaning Down Force
  • Up to 550 LB / 250 Kg
  • Dual Vacuum Fan
  • 2 x 0.6 kW
  • Minimum Aisle Turn
  • 2370 mm
  • Weight
  • 1565 Kg
  • Length
  • 2230 mm
  • Width
  • 1168 mm
  • Height
  • 1480 mm
  • 7-8 Hour Cleaning in Economy Mode
  • No Tools Needed
  • Edge-to-Edge Cleaning
  • Captured Moisture, Reduces Spills
  • Front Corner Rollers
  • 1-Step™ One Button Scrub Operation
  • Touch-N-Go™ Wheel Mounted Module
  • Easy Brush Change
  • Onboard Diagnostics
  • Corrosion Resistant Dual Vacuum Fans
  • Water Trap
  • Wrap-Around Steel Bumper

Tennant T17 (Battery) Ride on Floor Scrubber Dryer

The power of this heavy-duty ride-on scrubber-dryer means that large areas can be cleaned quickly and efficiently, with minimal effort. The Tennant T17 operates for up to eight hours on a single charge and reduces detergent and water use.

The Tennant T17 cleans effectively in just one pass, enhances indoor air quality, and improves operator and supervisor experience!

Call us on 0808 169 8529 if you want to hire the Tennant T17.

  • What can the Tennant T17 be used for?

You can maintain a high standard of cleanliness with the significant cleaning power of the T17’s high-performance scrub system. Be that in a warehouse, distribution centre, supermarket, shopping centre, factory floors, or logistics centre.

  • What is the cleaning path for the Tennant T17?

The cleaning path of the Tennant T17 is 1015 mm, just over 1 meter. With the side scrubbing brush, this increases to 1320 mm, almost 1.5 meters.

  • Is the Tennant T17 economical?

With exclusive Tennant ec-H2O™ technology, you can reduce your reliance on cleaning detergents. The Tennant T17 also helps to reduce water usage by up to 70% with ec-H2O™ technology. Plus, it can scrub up to three times longer with a single tank of water.

  • How easy is it to use the Tennant T17?

You can deliver an easier and more efficient service with technician-friendly design. All control and operations are on the main control panel, either on or by the steering wheel. Plus, the maintenance parts are easy to identify with yellow touch points.

But not to worry – if you or your staff need some training on how to use the Tennant T17, we are happy to help. We provide training for all our hire machines, and are happy to guide you through the process. We also offer repairs and servicing.

Call us on 0808 169 8529 if you want to hire the Tennant T17.

Need a bigger Tennant machine that can clear dry and wet floors at once? Check out the Tennant M20 or the Tennant M30 for more details!

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