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Dry Ice Cleaners

Cleaning Applications: Indoor & Outdoor
area sizes: Medium Areas
power supply: Plug-in Electric
Suitable for:
Construction Machinery
Area Types:
Concrete Hard Floors Tiles Show more…

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Dry Ice Cleaners

Kärcher Ice Blasters do not use any cleaning agents or chemicals. They are suitable for use in all areas where cleaning with water or sand is legally prohibited. Because the pellets dissolve without residues, no waste water is produced. The dry ice pellets can easily be self-made with the aid of the high-performance Kärcher dry ice pelletiser.

No harmful substances

No toxic or environmentally harmful chemicals or solvents are used in dry ice blasting. This means that no toxic or harmful vapours are released, and there is therefore no risk to employees from using hazardous substances that are harmful to health.

Easy disposal

No spray agent is left over in dry ice blasting. The dislodged dirt falls to the ground and can be swept up. Only the dirt that is generated as a result of the cleaning procedure needs to be disposed of. By contrast, chemicals and solvents that are used for cleaning create hazardous waste that is difficult to dispose of.

No secondary waste

In sand-blasting, soda-blasting and water-blasting, the blasting substance itself generates hazardous waste if it has been used to remove hazardous dirt. A very large quantity of secondary waste is produced, which in some cases must be disposed of with great care and at considerable cost.

Carbon dioxide production

CO2 is a by-product of other industrial production processes. Carbon dioxide is produced, for example, from CO2 scrubbing in ammonia and methanol synthesis. A large proportion of the CO2 used is generated from raw carbon dioxide produced as a waste gas in the chemical processing of crude oil and gas. Carbon dioxide is also produced by combustion processes in power stations and in fermentation processes.

That’s why CO2 no longer needs to be specially produced in industrialised countries, and burning fossil fuels to generate CO2 is now a thing of the past.

Machines on offer from Karcher include: –

IB 7/40 Advanced (240v)
IB 7/40 (110v)
IB 15/120 (240v)
IB 15/120 (110v)

IP 55
IP 120

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