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The Complete Guide to Floor Scrubber Dryers

Here at Alpha Power Cleaners we are experts when it comes to commercial cleaning equipment – and one of the best machines for commercial cleaning, is the Floor Scrubber Dryer.

We have put together all our resources and guides on floor scrubbers into this one complete guide! Learn all you need to know about floor scrubbers, how they work, what they are best suited for, along with hints and tips.

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Cleaning a Warehouse with a Floor Scrubber Dryer

What is a Floor Scrubber Dryer?

A floor scrubber dryer is a piece of commercial cleaning equipment that simultaneously cleans and dries a floor. Offering outstanding cleaning performance, simple controls and effortless handling, floor scrubber dryers are the most efficient and effective way to clean your premises.

The floor scrubber dryer was created to give you the greatest cleaning performance in the shortest amount of time. By using a floor scrubber dryer instead of a standard mop and bucket, you’ll clean your premises in just half the usual time, giving you more time to focus on other tasks. By switching to a floor scrubber dryer, you can improve the look of your business, mitigate slip and fall hazards and increase productivity.

We stock a range of floor scrubber dryers for hire. Choose your perfect machine from Alpha Power Cleaners.

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How does a Floor Scrubber Dryer work?

How does a floor scrubber dryer work?

As you can see in the image above, a floor scrubber dryer operates in a similar fashion to a carpet cleaner – but on a much larger scale.

  • 1. The machine sprays a mix of detergent and water on the floor
  • 2. The scrubbing brushes scrub the floor, picking up dirt and debris
  • 3. The vacuum picks up any dirt and collects the dirty water

All this happens are you push the scrubber across the floor, leaving a clean floor behind you.

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What are the different types of Floor Scrubber Dryers?

Ride-on Scrubber Dryers

The largest and most powerful variety, ride-on floor scrubber dryers are suitable for cleaning indoor and outdoor areas greater than 3000m². With simple controls for effortless handling, floor scrubber dryers are a pleasure to ride.

Walk-behind Scrubber Dryers

Walk-behind scrubber dryers are ideal for cleaning narrow spaces. The compact design makes it exceptionally easy to handle and perfect for reaching those tight or cluttered areas. Quiet and easy to maintain, walk-behind scrubber dryers are ideal for smaller businesses looking to improve their daily cleaning routine.

Step-on Scrubber Dryers

Step-on scrubber dryers combine the compact design of walk-behind scrubber dryers with the powerful performance of a ride-on scrubber dryer. Suitable for medium-sized areas, step-on scrubber dryers are the perfect middle ground for every business.

Single Disc Scrubber Dryers

Single disc scrubber dryers are compact machines perfect for cleaning hard and resilient floors. Suitable for domestic and commercial use, single disc dryers are best suited to small areas. Use them on hard surfaces, textile floor coverings and everything in between.

How to choose the best Floor Scrubber Dryer

With so many types, makes and models to choose from, it can be hard to know which scrubber dryer is best for your business. Focus on size, brush type and power source to find your perfect machine.


Do you need to clean a small, medium or large area? Walk-behind and single disc scrubber dryers have a compact design that allows them to reach narrow spaces. If you need to clean a larger, open area, you should consider utilising the power and performance of a ride-on scrubber dryer.


Scrubber dryers utilise various brush heads and pads for different applications. Using an unsuitable attachment may not give you the most effective performance. Self-levelling brushes, for example, are useful for cleaning uneven floors. Consult with your supplier to determine the most suitable brush head or pad for your floor type.

Engine vs Electric

Scrubber dryers are powered either by a combustion engine or through battery or mains electricity. A combustion engine provides the most power and can be found in the largest floor scrubber dryers. These types, typically ride-on scrubber dryers, are most suitable for cleaning large industrial areas over 2000m².

Electric-powered scrubber dryers are not as powerful but will generally require less maintenance than an engine-powered model. Battery-powered scrubber dryers are unrestricted by cables but you won’t get the uninterrupted cleaning that a mains-powered scrubber dryer provides.

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Floor Scrubber Dryer Maintenance

Floor scrubber dryers are impressive machines, but with so many different elements it’s important to keep on top of everything to ensure it’s all in perfect working order.

You should perform daily maintenance checks to ensure your machine is working correctly. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is it fully charged?
  • Is it clean?
  • Are the brushes or pads worn?
  • Is there any damage?

In addition to your daily checks, you should check the most important elements of your machine weekly. This includes checking:

  • The battery
  • Handling and operation
  • The tank
  • The filters
  • The brush/pad/squeegee

Finally, a more in-depth check of your machine should take place annually. This annual service should be performed by a professional. In addition to looking at every part of your scrubber dryer in more depth, they will also perform checks on the motor carbons and the scrubber head shock absorbers.

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Common problems and how to fix them

Regular maintenance will minimise the chance of your scrubber dryer developing a fault, but if an issue does surface, it’s important that you know the best way to resolve it. Here are some of the most common issues of scrubber dryers and how to fix them:

Reduced ability to pick up water

A scrubber dryer dries as it goes. If you notice your machine is leaving a trail of water behind it while it cleans, you should investigate to identify the problem. Typically, the problem is either:

  • The recovery tank is full. In this case, empty the recovery tank.
  • The squeegees are worn or damaged. In this case, replace the squeegees.

Leaving streaks

A scrubber dryer should leave your floors pristine. If you’ve noticed that the machine is leaving streaks, you should investigate for the following likely issue:

The squeegee is either worn or damaged, or it has some debris stuck in it. In this case, you should remove the debris. If you can’t find any debris or the scrubber is still leaving streaks, you should replace the squeegee.

The brush is not scrubbing

If the floors are not cleaning very well because the brush isn’t scrubbing, it is likely because the head is damaged or worn.

The brush head is damaged or worn. Make sure you are using the correct brush head for the floor surface you are cleaning. If you are, try washing the brush head. If the brush continues not to scrub, you should replace it.

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Slip and Fall Facts

Using a scrubber dryer to clean your floors can help prevent slips and trips in the workplace.

  • Slips and falls are the most common cause of injury in the workplace
  • Approximately 90% of these injuries result in broken bones
  • Slips and falls cost industry around £500 million per year
  • A spill the size of a 50p coin can spread up to 2m2 when mopped

A mopped floor will leave an area slippery and unsafe for around seven minutes while it dries, but a scrubber dryer will remove this risk altogether by instantly drying the floor after it cleans.

Benefits of using Floor Scrubber Dryers across different industries

Floor scrubber dryers are useful for all types of business. Check out how floor scrubber dryers can be used in each of the following industries.


In a workshop, a floor scrubber dryer will:

  • Keep the premises presentable by removing oil, dirt, grease and tyre marks
  • Reduce the risk of slip and trip hazards by drying and cleaning wet and dirty floors
  • Keep your business DVSA compliant
  • Improve hygiene standards and remove the risk of cross contamination typically caused by mopping

Leisure & Healthcare

In a hotel or restaurant, a floor scrubber dryer will:

  • Keep the premises presentable by removing dirt and grease
  • Reduce the risk of slip and trip hazards by drying and cleaning wet and dirty floors
  • Free up the time of your cleaning operatives so they can focus on other tasks
  • Improve hygiene standards and remove the risk of cross contamination typically caused by mopping


In a factory or construction site, a floor scrubber dryer will:

  • Help you pass audits by ensuring your site is kept clean and safe
  • Keep production lines operating at optimal levels
  • Reduce the risk of slip and trip hazards by drying and cleaning wet and dirty floors
  • Improve hygiene standards and remove the risk of cross contamination typically caused by mopping

Transport and Logistics

In a warehouse or logistics centre, a floor scrubber dryer will:

  • Help you pass audits by ensuring your site is kept clean and safe
  • Reduce the risk of stock contamination by removing dirt and dust
  • Reduce the risk of slip and trip hazards by drying and cleaning wet and dirty floors
  • Improve hygiene standards and remove the risk of cross contamination typically caused by mopping

Alpha Power Cleaners is a leading provider of floor scrubber dryers, walk behind scrubber dryers and ride on floor scrubber dryers. Serving the South of England, West Midlands and East Midlands, including Nottingham, Derby and Loughborough, we provide the best equipment on flexible hire contracts.

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