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Karcher Spotlight: Cleaning for the Chemical Industry

In this spotlight article, we focus on global cleaning equipment manufacturer, Karcher, and their most recent innovation: cleaning equipment for the chemical industry.

Here at Alpha Power Cleaners, we are Karcher Premier Dealers, and we have various machines for hire – ranging from Floor Scrubber Dryers, Floor Sweepers, Hot Pressure Washers, Cold Pressure Washers, and Vacuum Cleaners.

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The chemicals industry produces a variety of basic substances and end products. Diverse raw materials and systems are used for this purpose. A decisive factor for smooth running and reliable processes is professional and efficient cleaning in all areas. We offer you reliable and efficient cleaning solutions which save you both time and money. From the standard machine through to the customised complete solution, and from consulting and planning through to commissioning and comprehensive service.

Maximum results, minimum downtime

Karcher can provide you with the perfect, individual solution for all of your cleaning tasks: appropriate cleaning agents, machines with explosion protection and special filters. Plus our individual service.

Karcher offer complete solutions for almost all applications in the chemical industry. Cleaning agents are always an important component. They reduce the surface tension of the water, diminish the binding forces between the dirt and surface, make the dirt swell, dissolve it and emulsify water-insoluble dirt in order to discharge it. Our cleaning agents cover the entire pH range, from very acidic to very alkaline.


EX protection: for cleaning in potentially explosive environments, you are always in safe hands with our cleaning machines, certified for different protection classes.

It can be troublesome, hazardous and dangerous to the environment or explosive. The proper and reliable separation of dust makes an important contribution to safety, as well as to the protection of people, the environment and equipment. Our industrial vacuums have suitable filters for all dust and filter classes.

Expertise and efficiency

Karcher use our expertise, experience and innovation for cleanliness in your production.

Karcher offer you sophisticated and economically viable cleaning solutions for every area and every task: production, laboratory, offices and infrastructure, tanks and containers, heat exchangers, filters, sieves, parts cleaning and logistics. Our Karcher system, comprising machines, accessories, cleaning agents and servicing, provides everything from a single source, from the individual machine to the customised complete solution.

You plan, organise and optimise your production down to the smallest detail. This way you always attain better results, and that should also apply to your cleaning tasks.

Karcher are happy to show you the potential you can still enjoy in different areas of cleaning. Our complete solutions cover all applications in wet and dry cleaning and all types of contamination. The Karcher system provides all options for individual solutions.

When cleaning it is not only the result that counts. Safety, costs, time required, production interruptions and protection of investments are critical factors.

The chemicals industry sometimes makes extremely complex demands. We adapt our cleaning procedures to the respective site conditions. We guarantee maximum safety and optimal product quality without contamination. On top of this, you benefit from the extended service life of the production equipment and minimum downtimes.

For cleaning in hazard zones, we have industrial vacuum cleaners and other machines that can be certified for zones 1, 2, 21 and 22. It is also possible to equip machines with H filters for very fine particles. For cleaning in hazard zones, the aim is complete automation or remote control in order to relieve staff from activities such as cleaning heat exchangers with ultra-high pressure (UHP).

Last but not least, we have extremely effective cleaning agents in all pH value ranges, which we can integrate into practically every cleaning solution. And for tank and container interior cleaning, you can optionally use a special high-pressure pump that is resistant to acids, alkalis and solvents.

Cleaning production areas

Cleaning problem: adhesives, greases, paints, gum, incrustations, production residue, solids.

Wet cleaning

  • Areas to be cleaned: production halls, floors, walls, all types of surfaces.
  • Cleaning solution: cold and hot water high-pressure cleaners, scrubber dryer, ultra-high-pressure cleaning.
  • Accessories: floor cleaning nozzles, different high-pressure nozzles and trigger guns, as well as surface cleaners.
  • Cleaning agents: high-pressure cleaning: PressurePro Active Cleaner, alkaline RM 81, PressurePro Oil and Grease Cleaner Extra RM 31; Floor: FloorProIndustrial Cleaner RM 69, Intensive Deep Cleaner RM 750.

Dry cleaning

  • Cleaning problem: surfaces in the production area. Liquid, solid, adhesive dirt that has to be removed. Incrustations that have to be removed dry. Dust that builds up during production.
  • Areas to be cleaned: production halls, production equipment, floors, etc.
  • Cleaning solution: different wet and dry vacuum cleaners, various industrial vacuums for oils, liquids, production waste and residues, dust, also as Z22 and with M filter, also optional H filter, sweepers, dry ice cleaners.

Tank and container cleaning

  • Cleaning problem: cleaning tanks and containers when changing products or regularly. Product residues in and on containers, tanks and silos, reactors
  • Areas to be cleaned: tanks and silos. All types of containers in production and storage tanks and containers.
  • Cleaning solution: interior tank cleaning system with dryer for faster production restart, stationary high-pressure cleaning systems.
  • Accessories: various spray nozzles, telescopic and positioning devices.
  • Cleaning agent: TankPro Cleaner, acidic RM 870, TankPro Cleaner, alkaline RM 875, TankPro Cleaner, Polymer RM 880, TankPro Latex Remover RM 885.

Filter, sieve, and part cleaning

  • Cleaning problem: heavy incrustations and dirt, production residues. Many parts have to be cleaned, generally at the wash bay.
  • Areas to be cleaned: production equipment, parts, diaphragms, filters, sieves.
  • Cleaning solution: ultrahigh-pressure cleaning, parts cleaner, cold and hot water high-pressure cleaner, dry ice blasters.
  • Accessories: high-pressure guns, turbo nozzles, Orbimaster, Speedy, TubeMaster, vortex blasting nozzles.

Cleaning infrastructure

  • Cleaning problem: infrastructure must be maintained so that no dirt ends up in production. By cleaning the external areas the cleaning requirement in the internal area is reduced, thus also saving costs.
  • Areas to be cleaned: all outside areas, storage areas, entrances, loading zones, paths, roadways and parking areas, green areas.
  • Cleaning solution: leaf blowers, chain saws, municipal implement carriers, industrial sweepers, vacuum sweepers, scrubber dryers, cold and hot water high-pressure cleaners.
  • Accessories: flushing systems, watering systems, snowplows, mowers, side brushes, weed killers.


  • Cleaning problem: product residues on and in transport vehicles.
  • Areas to be cleaned: trucks, rail tankers, containers.
  • Cleaning solution: handheld scrubber dryers and sweepers, hot and cold water high-pressure cleaners, internal tank cleaning system, truck wash system.
  • Accessories: lance holders, swivel arm, attachable or rotating wash brushes, telescopic spray lances, surface cleaners, steam jet nozzles.

Buildings and offices

  • Cleaning problem: various cleaning tasks in buildings.
  • Areas to be cleaned: offices, workshops, social and sanitary areas, labs
  • Cleaning solution: carpet cleaners, wet and dry vacuum cleaners, dry vacuum cleaners, manual cleaning equipment, industrial vacuums.
  • Machines: water dispensers, air purifiers.
  • Cleaning agent: SanitPro Maintenance Cleaner Allsan, SurfacePro Alcohol-based Cleaner Alcal, SurfacePro Glass and Surface Cleaner Sural, Universal Stain Remover RM 769, CarpetPro Cleaner RM 760.

Karcher: A global provider in cleaning tecnhology

Today the family-run company Karcher is considered the world’s leading provider of efficient, resource-saving cleaning systems. Karcher makes a difference with top performance, innovation and quality.

Solutions instead of just products: the Karcher system

The development of Karcher to a system provider is based on the principle of achieving more together. Karcher look for solutions from which everyone benefits in the company itself as well as together with suppliers and users. We search for innovative products and services that make possible an optimised system: the Karcher system. What is important is that with the use of the Karcher system your essential, and ideally all of your requirements and needs, are fully met.

Not everything you can think of, but making everything possible

As a system provider, Karcher does not want to offer everything you can think of, but everything you as a user need for your individual cleaning system. It is not the available range that decides, but the actual requirement alone. Responding to your questions on performance, efficiency and sustainability is important. A system of machines, accessories, cleaning agents, services and digital solutions that can be easily integrated into your operations and brings real added value. A system that makes the difference. The Karcher system.

WOMA – Water force as a tool

For over 50 years WOMA has been a technology leader and innovation driver in high-pressure water jet technology. Through continuous research and development, today we use systems with water pressures of up to 4,000 bar and flow rates of over 1,600 litres per minute.

Since April 2011 WOMA has been part of the Karcher Group and our competence centre for high-pressure pumps and high-pressure water jet technology. With WOMA, the Karcher Group has strengthened its position as a global market leader for cleaning technology in the promising segment of high-pressure systems.

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