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Cleaning and Hygiene in the Food Industry

Cleaning and hygiene are important in all industries but none more so than the food industry. Powerful, industrial cleaning equipment is a must for eliminating the risk of contamination and illness.

Some businesses within the industry dedicate entire days to cleaning their premises and equipment. It’s no easy task — but it can be made much easier with suitable, powerful cleaning equipment from the world’s leading brands.


In this article, we’ll recommend the most effective pieces of equipment for several areas of the food industry.

  • Meat, poultry and fish processing
  • Baked goods and confectionery production
  • Fruit and vegetable processing
  • Drinks production

Looking to hire some cleaning equipment?

Here at Alpha Power Cleaners we have a wide range of machines for hire, from leading brands like Karcher, MAC and Tennant.

Meat, poultry and fish processing

The area dedicated to processing meat, poultry and fish is perpetually awash with blood, fats and proteins that require meticulous cleaning. Due to the risk of contamination or disease, meat and poultry plants must comply with strict regulations and standards.

To meet these standards and do so within a reasonable amount of time, these businesses should use powerful cleaning equipment suitable to the various areas of their premises.


Delivery areas — pressure washers

We highly recommended using hot water high-pressure cleaners with the water at around 80°C. You might opt for an engine-driven pressure washer or an electric pressure washer depending on your needs. Both types offer powerful cleaning with jets of hot water that loosen up stubborn mess.

We offer a range of Karcher and MAC hot pressure washers on flexible hire contracts.

Slaughter floors and cutting rooms — pressure washers and floor scrubber dryers

We recommend a combination of hot or cold pressure washers and floor scrubber dryers to effortlessly eliminate blood, fats and protein. While pressure washers are best for tackling stubborn grime, floor scrubber dryers will keep the floors clean and dry, ready to use again quickly.

Choose between walk-behind floor scrubber dryers and ride-on floor scrubber dryers depending on the shape and size of your slaughter floor.

We offer a range of Karcher and Tennant floor scrubber dryers on flexible hire contracts.

Cold storage rooms — steam cleaners

Steam cleaners are ideal for cold storage rooms because they offer powerful cleaning without the need for water or chemical cleaning agents. Steam cleaners are especially popular because they kill up to 99.99% of germs. Choose between plug-in electric steam cleaners, or battery powered electric steam cleaners. We wouldn’t recommend using petrol engine steam cleaners indoors or in enclosed spaces.

We offer a range of Karcher and Duplex steam cleaners on flexible hire contracts.

Baked goods and confectionery production

Bakeries will require daily, weekly and specialist bakery cleaning regimes to ensure that their premises are clean and the risk of contamination is eliminated. Specifically, the pastry and confectionery processing area, the various ovens and the conveyor belts will all need special attention.

Luckily, you can find powerful cleaning equipment to clean all of these areas efficiently and effectively.


Pastry and confectionery processing — floor sweepers, vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are ideal for sucking up flour, icing sugar and other small particles that may have fallen on the floor or seeped into the carpet. Choose between carpet cleaners, wet vacuum cleaners, dry vacuum cleaners or wet/dry vacuum cleaners.

We offer a range of Karcher and Numatic vacuum cleaners on flexible hire contracts.

Conveyor Belts — wet/dry vacuum cleaners

Wet/dry vacuum cleaners are designed to pick up dry debris as well as spilled liquids. Perfect for a conveyor belt, wet/dry vacuum cleaners allow you to clean without using water, so you don’t need to worry about damaging the electrical parts.

We offer a range of Karcher and Numatic wet/dry vacuum cleaners on flexible hire contracts.

Fruit and vegetable processing

Processing fruits and vegetables in a dirty or unhygienic factory may ruin the freshness and quality of the produce. In some cases it may even make it unfit for human consumption.

Using a combination of cleaning equipment to clean the surfaces will prevent cross-contamination and keep your produce appealing and tasty.


All surfaces — wet/dry vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, pressure washers

Wet/dry vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners and pressure washers are all suitable pieces of equipment to use for cleaning surfaces.

Wet/dry vacuums will be best for sucking up debris and spills, whereas steam cleaners and pressure washers will be best for tackling stubborn stains.

We offer a range of Karcher and Duplex steam cleaners on flexible hire contracts.

Drinks production

Meticulous cleaning is required in a drinks production business, not only to ensure that production is efficient but also to maintain the high quality and taste of the finished products.

There are three main areas of a drinks production business that require special attention — delivery areas, packing areas and bottling areas. Each of these areas requires special attention, care and powerful cleaning equipment.


Delivery areas — floor sweepers, pressure washers

A combination of floor sweepers and pressure washers will remove dirt, debris and dust that could contaminate the drink. Floor sweepers use powerful rotating brushes to sweep up all debris in a single pass. Pressure washers offer exceptional cleaning in next to no time, meaning delivery areas are safe and ready to use for longer periods.

We offer a range of Karcher and Tennant floor sweepers on flexible hire contracts.

Packing areas — floor sweepers, industrial vacuum cleaners

Packing areas will inevitably see a lot of packaging and materials falling to the floor. Floor sweepers and industrial vacuum cleaners are two great choices for clearing up the floors efficiently and effectively. Thanks to their robust exterior and powerful motors, floor sweepers and industrial vacuum cleaners are suitable for large industrial areas.

We offer a range of Karcher industrial vacuum cleaners on flexible hire contracts.

Bottling areas/equipment — floor scrubber dryers, steam cleaners

Bottling areas may see a high number of spills, which is why floor scrubber dryers are ideal for quickly cleaning and drying the area. Steam cleaners also provide exceptional cleaning performance with no chemicals involved, reducing the risk of contamination when bottling.

We offer a range of Karcher floor scrubber dryers on flexible hire contracts.

Alpha Power Cleaners offers a variety of powerful industrial cleaning equipment to the food and drinks industry.

As an official Karcher servicing partner and Tennant authorised dealer, we can supply your business with the latest Karcher and Tennant models at a competitive price point. We offer flexible hire contracts suited to your needs, and we even provide repairs and servicing contracts to ensure downtime is kept to a minimum.

So whether you need to hire some cleaning equipment for a few days, months or years, you can find the best deals from Alpha Power Cleaners.

We provide cleaning equipment to businesses throughout the South of England, West Midlands and East Midlands, including Nottingham, Loughborough, Derby and beyond.

Contact our team today to bring the best cleaning performance to your business, call on 0808 169 8529 for a free quote.

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